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The Fashion Fridays: Willow and Bloch

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Hi you! 

I am officially two weeks into my new job as a copywriter, and it's going really well! It has definitely been a transition from constantly answering phones, and having the ability to go on social media all the time, to being busy all day; but it feels nice to have a grown-up job! :) 

I'm not sure if you've heard of the company Willow & Bloch, but if you haven't, you NEED to check them out. I used to own this solid gold midi ring, (it was actually a ring I'd gotten as a child, that conveniently became too small) and I lost it. I've purchased so many cheap ones, in hopes of saving money, but all they ever did was turn my fingers green. 

I came across Willow & Bloch on the wonderful world of Instagram. Not only do they sell solid gold and silver midi rings, at an affordable price, they stand for something so incredible! A percentage of each sale they make goes to anti-human trafficking organizations. I love finding companies that not only sell great products, but have a mission behind what they do. I encourage you to follow them on Instagram, read about them on their website, and buy one or three or six of their midi rings! :)

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Rings: Willow & Bloch
Coffee Shop: Toby's Estate Coffee

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